In this version of the 16th century, humans have evolved to remain youthful throughout the majority of their lives. It is in this era that these youths have achieved the level of progress capable of traveling their expansive world beyond their natural borders. For the first time in their history, the entire world has opened and a great culture shock is about to commence.



A warrior whose empire is on its last breath.

The most balanced character who utilizes all his skills in an equal manner. His large and heavy shield protects him from every attack but its weight will wear his stamina down. It is wise to only use the shield sparingly.



A noblewoman who seeks freedom from the confinement of her culture.

Her quick strikes and fast recovery allows her to chain attacks much easier than her fellow combatants. Though her strength is one of the weakest, her three stabs can shave off a great amount of health from the opponent but at the cost of much stamina.



The glory seeker who now seeks redemption for his transgression.

The only character with two weapons, he can make use of them in a variety of ways. His large sword can deal powerful blows, or switch to his shorter one for quick strikes. Clash them together to provide extra defense and perform a cross-cut.



A simple hunter who will have a world opened to him that he never knew existed.

The character with the sharpest weapon but at the cost of its fragility. It will start to chip away for every strike you give and every block you take. Do you utilize its immense power as much as you can or do you play it safe and risk losing your advantage?


Wùwú Qin

A troublesome child who would rather frolic than take responsibility.

The length of her spear makes it capable of striking the opponent when they sidestep. She may even twirl it to make a makeshift shield. Her ambidextrous nature also allows her to switch her stance from left or right, requiring the opponent to pay attention to which side they should dodge.



A King who lost his Kingdom to his most bitter enemy.

His strategy is to find ways to incapacitate and break his opponent's guard. The curve on his axe allows him to hook an opponent's weapon, giving him the opportunity to pull it back and leave the opponent open for a counterattack.



A valiant fighter whose greatest foe is one she cannot defeat: time.

Wielding the heaviest weapon, her strikes are mighty and impactful. Even striking her while she is guarding leaves the opponent stunned longer than any other character. But such a heavy weapon will require much stamina to lift and a great amount of time to swing.



A hunter and fighter who desires to expand his knowledge beyond his simple life.

His nimble body allows him more options for maneuverability. He can dodge, jump, twirl, duck, pivot, and can attack all while doing so. You won't be realizing his full potential without utilizing these maneuvers.