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The beta is now available!

A 2D arcade style sword fighting game, Child Arms is a new take on the fighting game genre. You can challenge the arcade ladder to reach a character specific ending or check out the many modes of play available. After a while, you can then challenge a friend in online or offline battles. Featuring 8 characters from a variety of locations, each with their own unique weapons, you will surely find a style of play to identify with.

So how do you play?

Unlike traditional side by side fighting games, Child Arms is played with a split screen where each view represents the view of the opposing player and the game’s information displayed in the center.

Controls are designed to be as simple as possible: Two buttons for offense and defense, and 4 way directions. The aim is to welcome beginners to try the game while still providing depth and complexity for those who wish to master it.

What else is there to do?

Various gameplay options will be available. Here are a few examples:

Training mode

A standard in every fighting game but this being such a unique fighting system, first timers will find this most useful.

Attack and Defense training

Test your reflexes in both offense and defensive challenges. Each training session will record your reaction speed and accuracy for personal improvement.

Survival and Infinite

Square off against an endless barage of opponents or take on a single opponent with infinite health, each increasing in difficulty the longer you persist. See how far you can last in these endurance matches.

Where does this game take place and who are the characters?

In the world of Child Arms, youth is the majority of the population. Here, humans evolved to grow slower when they approach their preteen age only to have their age increse dramatically when reaching physical maturity. You will enter into their version of the 16th century, where technology has finally advanced enough to sail the vast seas into new territories.

You will have the choice of one of 8 characters from various ethnicities, all through the depiction of the young. You will see familiar cultures being represented in a different light. How will these different groups handle meeting for the first time?.

What can I do to help?

Child Arms is a dream project that is finally being made after years of planning but we can’t do it alone, we need all the support we can get. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the project.

Check out our mobile game

This mobile game was created as a funding platform for Child Arms. Purchases of The Great Ladder will help in the funding of Child Arms.

Be sure to check back here later on or on our social sites as more mobile games will be available from Toolkitz.

Share the game on Social media

The more people know about the game, the more interest in the game will grow, increasing the chances of it becoming a success.

Stream, review, or showcase the game

A free copy of the game’s demo or early access will be available upon request to the press, YouTubers, and any streamers. Please contact us with any of the links below.

Where can I find more information?

You can check out any of these social media sites to get more information about this project’s development and you may use the email to contact the developer directly:

IndieDB Devlog
Toolkitz Facebook
Toolkitz Twitter